Tagalog Christian Testimony Video | "Labis Akong Pininsala ng Aking Tiwaling Disposisyon"

3,345 2021-08-20

In a rehearsal for a church dance show, the protagonist finds it really taxing to dance it well as it is a new style of dancing. When she notices that other brothers and sisters become more and more dexterous, she is so on edge and starts putting even more effort into practice. However, some time goes by and there is still no obvious progress. This is humiliating to her, so she becomes negative and down and even has no motivation for practice. Later, through self-reflection and seeking in God’s words, she knows that not approaching her shortcomings properly is a revelation of arrogance—a corrupt satanic disposition. And she realizes that her pursuit to stand out from the crowd is wrong and also understands what God requires of man. So she lets go of her pride and puts her all into practicing, and in doing so, she feels so free and relaxed.

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