Tagalog Christian Testimony Video | "Sa Pagbitaw Ko sa Pagiging Makasarili Nakalaya Ako"

1,984 2021-08-15

When the main character begins to work alongside Brother Zhang in his church work, he always holds back from telling Brother Zhang everything he knows in an effort to preserve his own position, afraid that "Once a student knows everything the master knows, the master will lose his livelihood." Because he always harbors selfish desires and fails to practice the truth, he achieves nothing in his duty and falls into a state of darkness. After he undergoes the judgment and chastisement of Almighty God's words, he sees that living by Satan's poisons and its philosophies for living has made him selfish, deceitful, and lacking in humanity, and that this disgusts God. He then puts aside his own personal interests and shares all of his understanding with Brother Zhang, without reservation. He begins to feel calm and at ease, and he experiences the joy that comes from putting the truth into practice.

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