Tagalog Christian Testimony Video | "Ang Pagsasagawa ng Katotohanan ang Susi sa Maayos na Koordinasyon"

1,587 2021-09-02

The main character's duty in the church is to create props for movies. He has more technical skills than the brother he works with and some work experience, so when they have different ideas about things, he always thinks that his ideas and his plans are right and he doesn't want to accept anyone else's suggestions. He just can't seem to work well with others. After being chastened and disciplined by God time after time, he gains some understanding of his arrogant and self-righteous satanic disposition, he finds the path to harmonious cooperation with brothers and sisters, and finds how sweet it feels to put the truth into practice. Let's see how he undergoes this change!

Mag-iwan ng Tugon